Demon Stove

Designs and prototypes of the ‘Demon’ wood/coal (multifuel) stove.


Made from laser-cut steel. The tubes on the side are for hot air convection – they are lined with Aluminium or Copper to increase efficiency (because of increased thermal conductivity), the slots above the door are also convection tubes.
It has a grate with a diggler, and separate primary air control feeding air under the grate, and the secondary control is superheated airwash to clean the glass and multiple-outlet injectied air above the fire to burn off gases.
Room-sealable with a 76mm dia inlet (takes standard flexible aluminium tubing)
Currently not DEFRA or BSEN13248 tested, though is far more technical than many approved stoves – testing planned in 2015.
Output still to be tested – though a conservative estimate is 6kW.

Finish of the photographed prototype is dull-polished steel with high temperature lacquer.
Dimensions 560mm high, 470mm wide, 380mm deep.